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Shop Bohemian Sands - Amazon Finds

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bohemian sands moodboard

You can shop the items in the inspiration board by clicking the links below:

Macrame Wall Hanging // JHM Neutral Palm Print // Capiz Shell Chandelier // Hourglass // Candle

Bohemian Sands Interior Design Inspiration Board

Macrame Wall Hanging // I can’t get enough of this macrame wall hanging. I plan to purchase one of these to hang in Cozy. If you’re familiar with my aesthetic, you’ll know how perfect this accessory will be in my bus.

JHM Neutral Palm Print // This is a Journey Home Made art print, so not actually an Amazon find, but it sure works perfectly with this coastal boho collection. It would be a beautiful addition to any beach house.

Capiz Shell Chandelier // These ethereal shells capture the romance of the sea. It’s very affordable and would add so much character to a space.

Hourglass // There is something so romantic about an hourglass. The natural sand makes it a nice neutral accent for an office, or a useful addition to a kitchen.

Sand & Fog Candle // White, with a mandala engraved on the lid, this candle is bohemian packaging perfection. This would make such a lovely gift - for friend or yourself.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Bohemian Sands mood board. If you would like to see all my Amazon finds (clothes, home decor, my favorite art supplies, etc), please visit JHM Amazon Shop.

~This post contains affiliate links. Shopping the affiliate links costs you nothing extra, but helps support my blog and business, so thank you!

Monday Moodboard Gentle Graphics Edition - Neutral Decor

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moodboard by Journey Home Made gentle graphics.jpg

Gentle Graphics Moodboard for this first Monday in October. I love creating moodboards!


~Armchair found on Joss And Main

~Duvet cover found on Amazon

~Candle found on Amazon Handmade by Sweet Water Decor

~Orchid Painting by Journey Home Made

The orchid painting is a brand new piece. I’m really happy with the way it turned out - with all it’s texture and neutral color palette. It’s available on the Art and Photography Print section of my shop. I have also added this artwork to my Red Bubble Shop, where you can find it printed on all kinds of products (clothing, decorative pillows, tech gear, etc)

The Amazon finds can easily be found over here. If you purchase through this link I make a little money, to purchase diesel for Cozy, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Wishing you a very Happy October!

Finishing up the Board Optimization On Pinterest

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You guys, I'm  so excited! My Pinterest account is looking so good, and my engagement stats are way up! I have had beautiful boards, full of amazing content, for years, but I always felt I was only doing it for myself. Now, my Pinterest account really feels like it is a true representation of my brand. I would like to give a shout-out to Buzzing Creatives and their wonderful Pinterest optimization course. Please give me a follow over on Pinterest, and if you would like to have your own set of custom board covers - let's talk!