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Cozy and Neutral Fall Home Decor Inspiration

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Can you believe it’s almost September? Here in Henderson, Nevada it’s still super hot (105 today), but I’m dreaming of the cooler days to come. To help you prepare for the inevitable briskness of autumn, I have gathered together an assortment of cozy, neutral-colored, early-autumn decor inspiration. Hopefully it will soon inspire you to layer on a few extra throw blankets, cuddle up with some soft pillows, and add some visual warmth to your decor. So, although it’s still August, let’s start preparing and dreaming of campfires and flickering candles.

This round up has a bit of a farmhouse vibe, with an emphasis on comfort. Think knit throws, faux fur pillows, warm brass accents, and the glow of candlelight. So, let’s start the seasonal shift.

Hand woven  throw blanket  in shades of charcoal with mustard fringe.

Hand woven throw blanket in shades of charcoal with mustard fringe.

Beautiful warm brick tones in this  vintage style rug .

Beautiful warm brick tones in this vintage style rug.

This  lantern  would add such a pretty glow to a tabletop.

This lantern would add such a pretty glow to a tabletop.

This cozy Mongolian-style  faux fur pillow  comes in a variety of colors and would add a hygge vibe to any living room.

This cozy Mongolian-style faux fur pillow comes in a variety of colors and would add a hygge vibe to any living room.

The modern clean lines of this  chenille blanket  would be beautiful in a modern farmhouse bedroom.

The modern clean lines of this chenille blanket would be beautiful in a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Gold-tone  flatware  for your fall table.

Gold-tone flatware for your fall table.

Wooden  cutting board  for parties and gatherings.

Wooden cutting board for parties and gatherings.

cozy neutral autumn decor inspo.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this autumn inspiration. If you would like to see all my Amazon finds (clothes, home decor, my favorite art supplies, etc), please visit JHM Amazon Shop.

~This post contains affiliate links. Shopping the affiliate links costs you nothing extra, but helps support my blog and business, so thank you!

Bohemian Style School Bus Conversion

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Cozy’s Bedroom

Cozy’s Bedroom

“Let’s get Cozy”

“Let’s get Cozy”

Kitchen and bedroom area

Kitchen and bedroom area

Art studio area

Art studio area

Cozy received a little makeover. As some of you might know, I had to stay in Nevada for awhile for chemotherapy treatments (lymphoma). During this time, I was very grateful to stay inside my sisters house. My sister lives just outside Las Vegas, so poor Cozy has been exposed to some extreme heat. The high temperature caused some minor cosmetic damage that will need to be fixed, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start. In the meantime, I went out and did a little “nesting”. It was fun to spend some time in her, puttering around, after our time apart. There will be more changes to come, but here is a look at the bohemian vibe I’ll be going for, as I do the repairs.

Shop Bohemian Sands - Amazon Finds

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bohemian sands moodboard

You can shop the items in the inspiration board by clicking the links below:

Macrame Wall Hanging // JHM Neutral Palm Print // Capiz Shell Chandelier // Hourglass // Candle

Bohemian Sands Interior Design Inspiration Board

Macrame Wall Hanging // I can’t get enough of this macrame wall hanging. I plan to purchase one of these to hang in Cozy. If you’re familiar with my aesthetic, you’ll know how perfect this accessory will be in my bus.

JHM Neutral Palm Print // This is a Journey Home Made art print, so not actually an Amazon find, but it sure works perfectly with this coastal boho collection. It would be a beautiful addition to any beach house.

Capiz Shell Chandelier // These ethereal shells capture the romance of the sea. It’s very affordable and would add so much character to a space.

Hourglass // There is something so romantic about an hourglass. The natural sand makes it a nice neutral accent for an office, or a useful addition to a kitchen.

Sand & Fog Candle // White, with a mandala engraved on the lid, this candle is bohemian packaging perfection. This would make such a lovely gift - for friend or yourself.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Bohemian Sands mood board. If you would like to see all my Amazon finds (clothes, home decor, my favorite art supplies, etc), please visit JHM Amazon Shop.

~This post contains affiliate links. Shopping the affiliate links costs you nothing extra, but helps support my blog and business, so thank you!

Pinterest For Interior Design Inspiration

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pinterest P.jpeg

Are you addicted to Pinterest like I am? I find it to be such a great source for inspiration. Have a look at my beautiful Pinterest boards here . If you are looking for interior design inspiration, skoolie info, beautiful wardrobe ideas, spectacular photography, or general prettiness I think you will really love it. It’s another part of the journey I would be happy for you to join me on.

Cozy the Skoolie Is Getting a Makeover

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cozy  bedroom  skoolie conversion jan 2019.jpeg

This winter, while I’ve been in the desert, I’ve been working on some changes to Cozy. Most of the changes are decorative but a few are functional to make life a little smoother. This photo shows Cozy mid-transformation. Can you spot any of the changes? I removed the large metal flower, added a shelf above my bed, new cabinet under the table (to hold paperwork and artwork), white washed my clothing storage baskets and added pom pom’s and tassels. I plan to go accessory shopping this weekend, and then I will style her and do a glamour-girl photo shoot, and share pictures of all the changes.

Moodboard Monday Boho Vibes Edition

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moodboard by Journey Home Made boho vibes.jpg

Feeling a little boho today. Okay, maybe I feel that way everyday. I just find it all so appealing - the feathers, the layering, and the textures, how could I resist? I suppose it’s floating around, in my mind, a little more than usual because I will be heading to the desert soon, and I like the desert best when it’s mixed with a boho accent.


~Boho fashion and jewelry photo by Freya Branwyn.

~Feather, artistic elements, and Dream Cloud photograph by Journey Home Made. Dream Cloud Photograph available in the Photography Print section of the shop.

Monday Moodboard Gentle Graphics Edition - Neutral Decor

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moodboard by Journey Home Made gentle graphics.jpg

Gentle Graphics Moodboard for this first Monday in October. I love creating moodboards!


~Armchair found on Joss And Main

~Duvet cover found on Amazon

~Candle found on Amazon Handmade by Sweet Water Decor

~Orchid Painting by Journey Home Made

The orchid painting is a brand new piece. I’m really happy with the way it turned out - with all it’s texture and neutral color palette. It’s available on the Art and Photography Print section of my shop. I have also added this artwork to my Red Bubble Shop, where you can find it printed on all kinds of products (clothing, decorative pillows, tech gear, etc)

The Amazon finds can easily be found over here. If you purchase through this link I make a little money, to purchase diesel for Cozy, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Wishing you a very Happy October!

Perfect Breakfast Muesli Recipe - Plant-Based Vegan

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perfect muesli.jpg

I recently spent some time, pet sitting, up on a mountain top. The owners of the house, eat a purely plant-based vegan diet, with no added oils and no

sugar. To respect the standards of their kitchen, I opted to eat the same way while I was at their home. Now, it would seem this shouldn’t be a huge adjustment, because I already ate a vegan diet, but the reality is, it was a big change. I had found a lot of ways to eat junkie food, and still remain vegan. I ate way too much oil and sugar. I’m not proud of it, but it was a reality.

So, I began the new way of eating, hopeful that it wouldn’t make much difference, and I could return to my normal programming when I came down off the mountain. I was wrong! I felt so much better, and as a bonus, my body rather effortlessly dropped some weight.

Fast forward, I come down from the mountain, and I am still eating this way. Still feeling great, and still gradually dropping weight. This journey sometimes leads me in unexpected directions, but I’m grateful for the lessons it is teaching me. I have simplified, and gone back to the basics, in so many areas of my life, and discovered so much joy, so I guess it makes sense that this change follows that same course.

Here is a recipe that I am using to create a Perfect Breakfast Muesli, that follows the diet I am eating these days. I hope you enjoy it!

Perfect Breakfast Muesli

~The Base

48 oz Gluten Free Sprouted Rolled Oats (One Degree Organic Foods)

32 oz Millet Rice (Nature’s Path Organic)

6 oz Puffed Brown Rice (Arrowhead Mills)

Cinnamon to taste

~Optional Delicious Additions:

Freeze-Dried Fruit like mangoes, bananas, berries, etc (Crispy Green)


Ground Flax Seeds (Bob’s Red Mill)

Pumpkin Seeds

Nuts - pecan, walnut, cashew, sliced almonds, etc

Spread the oats, in an even layer, across a few baking sheets. Bake the oats, in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes, stirring once, until golden brown. For my nomadic buddy’s, this can also be done in a cast iron skillet, over a campfire. Allow the oats to cool. Mix the base ingredients in a very large bowl and begin adding your favorite additional ingredients. Once combined, store in air tight containers.

I enjoy my muesli served with almond milk (Califia Farms Homestyle Nutmilk), sliced banana, and a sprinkle of Monkfruit Sweetener (Lakanto is amazing!). Or, I mix it with cashew milk yogurt (Vega Protein).

*For your convenience, (and for a little money, for me to buy diesel) I have added as many of the above mentioned products to my Amazon Product Recommendation Page as possible.

Finishing up the Board Optimization On Pinterest

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pinterest board cover wear.jpg
pinterest board cover interior design.jpg
pinterest board cover hygge vibe.jpg
pinterest board cover make and inspire.jpg
pinterest board cover photography.jpg
pinterest board cover home on wheels exterior.jpg
pinterest board cover 4th of July.jpg
pinterest board cover St Patricks day.jpg
pinterest board cover my products.jpg
pinterest board cover art.jpg

You guys, I'm  so excited! My Pinterest account is looking so good, and my engagement stats are way up! I have had beautiful boards, full of amazing content, for years, but I always felt I was only doing it for myself. Now, my Pinterest account really feels like it is a true representation of my brand. I would like to give a shout-out to Buzzing Creatives and their wonderful Pinterest optimization course. Please give me a follow over on Pinterest, and if you would like to have your own set of custom board covers - let's talk!

Short School Bus Converted Into A Tiny House / Art Studio

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how a school bus was converted into tiny house art studio skoolie.jpg

Buying and converting a short school bus into a tiny home is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was a lot of work, much of it done during the summer, just outside of Las Vegas (not recommended!). It was an amazing, empowering learning experience! When I stared, I didn't have any building experience, and very limited experience using power tools. Originally, I thought I would hire someone to do most of the work, but for a variety of reasons, this didn't really pan out. So I dove in, got sweaty, and began the process of turning a little school bus named Cozy into my tiny home on wheels/mobile art studio. I did have some help along the way, from friends and relatives, which I am eternally grateful for, but I'm proud to say I did this! I've been living in Cozy for almost two years now, and I love it. It's not what I expected. I thought I would be racing from one National Park, to the next, and instead this has turned into more of a journey of self discovery, and creative growth, but I am perfectly happy with this shift. For those of you following this journey, thank you so much for all your support!

converted school bus tiny home skoolie.jpg

Creating A Cohesive Pinterest Look

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pinterest board cover beautiful blooms.jpg
pinterest board cover desert.jpg
pinterest board cover flatlays and my surfaces.jpg
pinterest board cover furgus and friends 1.jpg
pinterest board cover illustration and design.jpg
pinterest board cover looking up.jpg
pinterest board cover the forest.jpg
pinterest board cover the prairie.jpg
pinterest board cover the sea.jpg

I'm trying to up my Pinterest game. I've had a Pinterest account for years, filled with beautiful boards and pins, but I haven't really taken the platform very seriously. I've been doing some research on how to use it more effectively. One of the first steps is to create a more cohesive look. I have designed these covers for some of my boards. I will be posting more of the covers as I finish them. Please have a look at my Pinterest account - it's filled with beautiful inspiration.

Rebranding Journey Home Made In 2018

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Rebranding mood board for Journey Home Made. Branding by the seasons - Summer Style. Soft, ethereal, homey, and artistic. Hygge style

I decided to do a bit of rebranding with Journey Home Made. New year, new look. I feel this is a much more cohesive representation of me, my buslife, and my creative endeavors. I was so inspired by figuring out a look, color palette, and general vibe that I felt was "me". These really are my favorite things. It kind of surprises me how feminine it all looks when gathered together, because I'm not the most girly-girl. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and I joke that I have some dude-like tendencies, but there is no denying I love pretty stuff. So, I am going to embrace the pretty, and run with it.

I decided to incorporate soft watercolor washes, my beloved neutral color palette, lots of texture (including my styling surfaces), ethereal imagery (I do love a cloud photo), natural elements, artistic bits, and a comfy vibe to tie it all together. I poured through my photo library looking for the photographs that resonated with me the most, and based my color palette on the colors that appeared most often. Of course neutrals, and soft whites made regular appearances, along with the blush tones of a desert landscape, blues of the ocean and sky, and shades of green found in nature. 

I hope you enjoy the new branding!

Handmade Mixed Media Art Journal

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journal beads.jpeg
journal close up.jpeg

The last few days I have been making mixed media blank art journals. I am having so much fun playing with this new idea. I have several that I'm working on, but this is the first one to make it into the shop. I call it Snow Flower. It's a combination of paper, collage, acrylic paint, pencil, ink, and mica flecks. For me, it's the lovely mix of sparkle and beautiful messiness. I think it would make a great gift for a writer, artist, or a place for my fellow travelers to keep mementos. 

Mechanical Stuff

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tow cozy.jpg

I've experienced a series of mechanical issues with Cozy. We were stuck in the forest, and unable to start the bus, until the glow plugs were replaced. We drove to Napa, CA, a couple of days after the glow plugs were replaced, and once again Cozy wouldn't start. It was really discouraging. Above is a picture of Cozy on here way to another mechanic. This time it was the fuel injection pump, and it was a very costly repair. It's all part of the journey, right? Hopefully we'll be driving well for many miles to come.