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Finishing up the Board Optimization On Pinterest

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You guys, I'm  so excited! My Pinterest account is looking so good, and my engagement stats are way up! I have had beautiful boards, full of amazing content, for years, but I always felt I was only doing it for myself. Now, my Pinterest account really feels like it is a true representation of my brand. I would like to give a shout-out to Buzzing Creatives and their wonderful Pinterest optimization course. Please give me a follow over on Pinterest, and if you would like to have your own set of custom board covers - let's talk!

Short School Bus Converted Into A Tiny House / Art Studio

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how a school bus was converted into tiny house art studio skoolie.jpg

Buying and converting a short school bus into a tiny home is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was a lot of work, much of it done during the summer, just outside of Las Vegas (not recommended!). It was an amazing, empowering learning experience! When I stared, I didn't have any building experience, and very limited experience using power tools. Originally, I thought I would hire someone to do most of the work, but for a variety of reasons, this didn't really pan out. So I dove in, got sweaty, and began the process of turning a little school bus named Cozy into my tiny home on wheels/mobile art studio. I did have some help along the way, from friends and relatives, which I am eternally grateful for, but I'm proud to say I did this! I've been living in Cozy for almost two years now, and I love it. It's not what I expected. I thought I would be racing from one National Park, to the next, and instead this has turned into more of a journey of self discovery, and creative growth, but I am perfectly happy with this shift. For those of you following this journey, thank you so much for all your support!

converted school bus tiny home skoolie.jpg

Creating A Cohesive Pinterest Look

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I'm trying to up my Pinterest game. I've had a Pinterest account for years, filled with beautiful boards and pins, but I haven't really taken the platform very seriously. I've been doing some research on how to use it more effectively. One of the first steps is to create a more cohesive look. I have designed these covers for some of my boards. I will be posting more of the covers as I finish them. Please have a look at my Pinterest account - it's filled with beautiful inspiration.

Rebranding Journey Home Made In 2018

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Rebranding mood board for Journey Home Made. Branding by the seasons - Summer Style. Soft, ethereal, homey, and artistic. Hygge style

I decided to do a bit of rebranding with Journey Home Made. New year, new look. I feel this is a much more cohesive representation of me, my buslife, and my creative endeavors. I was so inspired by figuring out a look, color palette, and general vibe that I felt was "me". These really are my favorite things. It kind of surprises me how feminine it all looks when gathered together, because I'm not the most girly-girl. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and I joke that I have some dude-like tendencies, but there is no denying I love pretty stuff. So, I am going to embrace the pretty, and run with it.

I decided to incorporate soft watercolor washes, my beloved neutral color palette, lots of texture (including my styling surfaces), ethereal imagery (I do love a cloud photo), natural elements, artistic bits, and a comfy vibe to tie it all together. I poured through my photo library looking for the photographs that resonated with me the most, and based my color palette on the colors that appeared most often. Of course neutrals, and soft whites made regular appearances, along with the blush tones of a desert landscape, blues of the ocean and sky, and shades of green found in nature. 

I hope you enjoy the new branding!

Handmade Mixed Media Art Journal

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journal beads.jpeg
journal close up.jpeg

The last few days I have been making mixed media blank art journals. I am having so much fun playing with this new idea. I have several that I'm working on, but this is the first one to make it into the shop. I call it Snow Flower. It's a combination of paper, collage, acrylic paint, pencil, ink, and mica flecks. For me, it's the lovely mix of sparkle and beautiful messiness. I think it would make a great gift for a writer, artist, or a place for my fellow travelers to keep mementos. 

Mechanical Stuff

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tow cozy.jpg

I've experienced a series of mechanical issues with Cozy. We were stuck in the forest, and unable to start the bus, until the glow plugs were replaced. We drove to Napa, CA, a couple of days after the glow plugs were replaced, and once again Cozy wouldn't start. It was really discouraging. Above is a picture of Cozy on here way to another mechanic. This time it was the fuel injection pump, and it was a very costly repair. It's all part of the journey, right? Hopefully we'll be driving well for many miles to come.

In The Forest

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forest photo by journey home made.jpg

Cozy is currently unable to start, and we are stuck, in the forest, in Fort Bragg CA. It's a beautiful location to be stuck, but all the same, I'm ready to be back on the road. It's been pretty cold in the bus, the trees and smoke are not helping the solar panel, food, butane, and propane supplies are dwindling, dirty laundry and trash seem to be in abundance. The problem seems to be with Cozy's glow plugs (like spark plugs for diesel engines). I had to order the parts, which have now arrived, and we are waiting for the mechanic to install them this weekend. I can't wait to turn the key and hear her come to life! Figers crossed that happens soon.

Spending The Summer in Mendocino

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pull of the sea 1.jpg
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The pull of the sea has been strong. I didn't intend to stay in Mendocino so long, but this beautiful place seems to have a magnetic tug on my heart. It's hard to believe I've been here since March, but one thing after another helped me to justify staying. Soon the time will come to leave, and I will miss it, but I look forward to seeing what comes next. I'll be back dear Mendocino, I'll be back next year.

Furgus the Bus Kitty

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I wanted to introduce my little copilot Furgus (Furgie for short). He was rescued from the Humane Society, and is now living an adventure-filled life on Cozy the Bus. He is a Lynx Point Siamese, which is basically a Lilac Point Siamese and Tabby mix. He has the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen on a kitty.

He loves his bus and going for walks wearing his harness. He is a really sweet little guy!

 This is Furgus about a month ago. Look at those eyes!

This is Furgus about a month ago. Look at those eyes!

 Here is a current picture of Furgie in his bus.

Here is a current picture of Furgie in his bus.

 Furgus wearing his adventure harness.

Furgus wearing his adventure harness.

Road Trip To Valley Of Fire

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I went on a road trip to Valley of Fire. I drove through the Lake Mead Recreational Area to get there. It was a beautiful drive, and the weather was perfect. As you drive along, you begin to see red rocks here and there. Then, off in the distance, you see Valley of Fire rising up in the landscape. Everything surrounding it is so neutral, the red stands out and draws you closer.

The red rocks, blue skies, and green vegetation mingle, creating a visual treat. The petroglyphs and the Elephant Rock were highlights of the trip.

Skoolie Conversion Overview

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It looks like Cozy is going to be featured in an upcoming book (more details coming soon, fingers crossed). So, I took some overview pictures of her, in her current state. I'm currently waiting for a ceiling vent/fan to arrive. Once that's installed, I will be completing the embossed wallpaper ceiling covering.