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Pinterest For Interior Design Inspiration

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Are you addicted to Pinterest like I am? I find it to be such a great source for inspiration. Have a look at my beautiful Pinterest boards here . If you are looking for interior design inspiration, skoolie info, beautiful wardrobe ideas, spectacular photography, or general prettiness I think you will really love it. It’s another part of the journey I would be happy for you to join me on.

Cozy the Skoolie Is Getting a Makeover

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cozy  bedroom  skoolie conversion jan 2019.jpeg

This winter, while I’ve been in the desert, I’ve been working on some changes to Cozy. Most of the changes are decorative but a few are functional to make life a little smoother. This photo shows Cozy mid-transformation. Can you spot any of the changes? I removed the large metal flower, added a shelf above my bed, new cabinet under the table (to hold paperwork and artwork), white washed my clothing storage baskets and added pom pom’s and tassels. I plan to go accessory shopping this weekend, and then I will style her and do a glamour-girl photo shoot, and share pictures of all the changes.

Creating A Cohesive Pinterest Look

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I'm trying to up my Pinterest game. I've had a Pinterest account for years, filled with beautiful boards and pins, but I haven't really taken the platform very seriously. I've been doing some research on how to use it more effectively. One of the first steps is to create a more cohesive look. I have designed these covers for some of my boards. I will be posting more of the covers as I finish them. Please have a look at my Pinterest account - it's filled with beautiful inspiration.

Rebranding Journey Home Made In 2018

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Rebranding mood board for Journey Home Made. Branding by the seasons - Summer Style. Soft, ethereal, homey, and artistic. Hygge style

I decided to do a bit of rebranding with Journey Home Made. New year, new look. I feel this is a much more cohesive representation of me, my buslife, and my creative endeavors. I was so inspired by figuring out a look, color palette, and general vibe that I felt was "me". These really are my favorite things. It kind of surprises me how feminine it all looks when gathered together, because I'm not the most girly-girl. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and I joke that I have some dude-like tendencies, but there is no denying I love pretty stuff. So, I am going to embrace the pretty, and run with it.

I decided to incorporate soft watercolor washes, my beloved neutral color palette, lots of texture (including my styling surfaces), ethereal imagery (I do love a cloud photo), natural elements, artistic bits, and a comfy vibe to tie it all together. I poured through my photo library looking for the photographs that resonated with me the most, and based my color palette on the colors that appeared most often. Of course neutrals, and soft whites made regular appearances, along with the blush tones of a desert landscape, blues of the ocean and sky, and shades of green found in nature. 

I hope you enjoy the new branding!

Handmade Mixed Media Art Journal

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journal beads.jpeg
journal close up.jpeg

The last few days I have been making mixed media blank art journals. I am having so much fun playing with this new idea. I have several that I'm working on, but this is the first one to make it into the shop. I call it Snow Flower. It's a combination of paper, collage, acrylic paint, pencil, ink, and mica flecks. For me, it's the lovely mix of sparkle and beautiful messiness. I think it would make a great gift for a writer, artist, or a place for my fellow travelers to keep mementos. 

Cozy's Kitchen (Part 1)

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Framing the Kitchen

Framing the Kitchen

Started work on Cozy's kitchen. Ultimately, the kitchen will be an "L" shape, to make the most of the limited space that I have.  The kitchen sits above the wheel wells. The shelf will hold the water (fresh and gray) containers. I hope to get the counter top on today. Thanks to Sam for a big assist on this part of the build!

Cozy Progress

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Bed frame with lots of storage space underneath.

Bed frame with lots of storage space underneath.

Everything table (art studio/dining table/computer area).

Everything table (art studio/dining table/computer area).

"Bathroom" area.

"Bathroom" area.

Lots of progress being made in Cozy (thank you Sam for the help!). The bed is in, the everything-table is in place, and I built the potty area. The bathroom walls are made from doors purchased at an architectural salvage store. I will have a composting toilet, and the hole cut in the front of the enclosure allows the cat access to the cat box inside. I'm going to cut a small hole and mount a computer fan to vent inside the enclosure to keep things smelling nice and fresh in the bus.

School Bus Conversion - Insulation

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Working on the insulation in Cozy. She is starting to look like a spaceship, covered in all that shiny silver insulation. It's not a difficult process, actually it's very similar to a giant shelf-paper project, but the heat is slowing my progress. Warning, giant sweat ball coming through! Ultimately, the walls and ceiling will also be covered in silver.

Sam also helped me remove this little noise maker. Thanks Sam! Whenever the back door was open, I would have to hear this loud squealing sound. I'm enjoying the quiet, and the breeze, now that this little guy is gone.