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Moodboard Monday Boho Vibes Edition

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Feeling a little boho today. Okay, maybe I feel that way everyday. I just find it all so appealing - the feathers, the layering, and the textures, how could I resist? I suppose it’s floating around, in my mind, a little more than usual because I will be heading to the desert soon, and I like the desert best when it’s mixed with a boho accent.


~Boho fashion and jewelry photo by Freya Branwyn.

~Feather, artistic elements, and Dream Cloud photograph by Journey Home Made. Dream Cloud Photograph available in the Photography Print section of the shop.

Finishing up the Board Optimization On Pinterest

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You guys, I'm  so excited! My Pinterest account is looking so good, and my engagement stats are way up! I have had beautiful boards, full of amazing content, for years, but I always felt I was only doing it for myself. Now, my Pinterest account really feels like it is a true representation of my brand. I would like to give a shout-out to Buzzing Creatives and their wonderful Pinterest optimization course. Please give me a follow over on Pinterest, and if you would like to have your own set of custom board covers - let's talk!

Mechanical Stuff

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tow cozy.jpg

I've experienced a series of mechanical issues with Cozy. We were stuck in the forest, and unable to start the bus, until the glow plugs were replaced. We drove to Napa, CA, a couple of days after the glow plugs were replaced, and once again Cozy wouldn't start. It was really discouraging. Above is a picture of Cozy on here way to another mechanic. This time it was the fuel injection pump, and it was a very costly repair. It's all part of the journey, right? Hopefully we'll be driving well for many miles to come.

Road Trip To Valley Of Fire

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I went on a road trip to Valley of Fire. I drove through the Lake Mead Recreational Area to get there. It was a beautiful drive, and the weather was perfect. As you drive along, you begin to see red rocks here and there. Then, off in the distance, you see Valley of Fire rising up in the landscape. Everything surrounding it is so neutral, the red stands out and draws you closer.

The red rocks, blue skies, and green vegetation mingle, creating a visual treat. The petroglyphs and the Elephant Rock were highlights of the trip.

Skoolie Conversion Overview

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It looks like Cozy is going to be featured in an upcoming book (more details coming soon, fingers crossed). So, I took some overview pictures of her, in her current state. I'm currently waiting for a ceiling vent/fan to arrive. Once that's installed, I will be completing the embossed wallpaper ceiling covering.

Cozy Progress

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Bed frame with lots of storage space underneath.

Bed frame with lots of storage space underneath.

Everything table (art studio/dining table/computer area).

Everything table (art studio/dining table/computer area).

"Bathroom" area.

"Bathroom" area.

Lots of progress being made in Cozy (thank you Sam for the help!). The bed is in, the everything-table is in place, and I built the potty area. The bathroom walls are made from doors purchased at an architectural salvage store. I will have a composting toilet, and the hole cut in the front of the enclosure allows the cat access to the cat box inside. I'm going to cut a small hole and mount a computer fan to vent inside the enclosure to keep things smelling nice and fresh in the bus.

Priming Out The Pink

Cozy The BusJennifer LortonComment
Oil base primer, the first step in covering all that pink paint.

Oil base primer, the first step in covering all that pink paint.

I also started to build the "bathroom".

I also started to build the "bathroom".

Today was a busy day, and I made a lot of progress on Cozy the Bus. I used an oil base primer to start covering all the pink paint. The priming is about 90% done. There are a lot of tiny areas, in the front of the bus, that will need to be painted with a little brush, but other than that, the priming is done.
I also did a lot of work on the "bathroom". I'm using some cool old doors as the walls, and I really like the way they are looking. The DIY composting toilet (more on that later), and the cat box, will be housed inside a toy box sort of enclosure. The lid will be hinged, so that I will have easy access to the cat box and toilet. I'm going to cut a hole in the front of the enclosure so the cats can access their cat box. I plan to cut a small hole in the floor, and add a small computer fan to vent, and keep things smelling nice in the bus.

Picking A Color Palette

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I love birch bark! So, I'm mostly going with the soft neutral colors found in the bark. I'm hopeful that will help the space look as big as possible, and let's face it, I can use all the space I can get. As an homage to the school bus yellow, I also want to incorporate pops of "Roasted Chestnut" (their name, not mine). I'll incorporate nature with greenery, bringing the outdoors in.

I can't wait to get the the decorating phase of this project to begin. I'm ready to see the silver spaceship stage to move along.