Journey Home Made

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Artist Jennifer Lorton - Cozy the Bus - Furgus the Cat...

Creating Comfort

My mission is to create art and decor that allows you to bring a relaxed and comforting bohemian vacation vibe to your home. Living and creating, in a bus, has taught me a lot of lessons about prioritizing the simple things that make life comforting, beautiful, and fulfilling. I want to offer you unique products to help bring that aesthetic to your environment.

Empowered Relaxation

Having worked in the interior design industry as a color consultant and a commercial mural painter for many years, I’m an expert at creating beautiful and comforting environments. Soothing neutral shades and a variety of textures play a powerful role in creating the tranquil feel I enjoy in my converted school bus. Knowing the power of these elements, I strive to create accessories that can bring a relaxed mood to your environment. I’m also happy to offer you custom creations and consulting services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Let me help you to feel like you’re on holiday, everyday.

Nature Inspired

My love of nature informs almost everything in my world. From my (mostly) plant-based diet, the botanical art I often create, to the gorgeous locations I often travel to, nature is my muse. I feel truly grateful to live a nomadic and wild life, and I’m delighted to share the journey with you! So, feel free to join in - cook a recipe from my blog, enjoy the pretty pictures, purchase a painting, or ask me a question about my lifestyle. Your journey is important to me, and I hope to inspire you, and support your aspirations.


Cozy (the bus) has had the honor of being featured on Design Sponge and in the book Van Life Your Home On The Road. My artwork has been included in many publications, including Real Simple. To follow along with my journeys in Cozy with Furgus (my kitty copilot), check out Journey Home Made on Instagram.

Please feel free to contact me to collaborate, get information, or just say hi. Or, sign up for the newsletter to be part of this little boho tribe.

Jennifer Lorton with Furgus and Cozy the Bus, happily living the nomadic life ,  in the forest in Northern California.

Jennifer Lorton with Furgus and Cozy the Bus, happily living the nomadic life, in the forest in Northern California.